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Sonia Moore Kinesiologist

About Me

I have always had a great love and wonder for how the human body works. Whilst working in the corporate industry, a great friend of mine was busy studying kinesiology. She told me to “just do one workshop” and see what I thought. I did and never looked back.

That was seventeen years ago. I fell head over heels for this therapy, it still fascinates me so many years later. Having clients coming in for a session with “issues” ranging from eczema to severe depression and anxiety, to a baby not wanting to latch or take its bottle. I have watched how over the years kinesiology has been life-changing for so many. Helping these clients get to the root of why the body is responding the way that it is, working gently to place the body back into its “normal” rhythms to do life appropriately.

What a privilege. I am eternally grateful to the person who said, “just do one course”!

 I have been running my practice, full-time for the last seventeen years.

Registered member of ASKSA

Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa

A Modality That Makes a Difference

Our bodies have innate healing energy and are at all times doing their best to care for themselves, but with our busy lives, bad diets, fight/flight responses, high cortisol levels, anxiety/depression, past trauma’s and stresses, it needs to be helped into a better position to achieve this care.

This is where Kinesiology steps in and will then balance the body using different tools, to let go of or release these blockages.

Specialized Kinesiology uses “muscle monitoring or muscle testing” to see where certain stressors are being stored in the body.

What Are Stressors?

Stressors can be mental, physical, emotional, nutritional/allergy/food intolerance…

Kinesiology allows us to identify and correct/balance the underlying cause of an issue or complaint rather than just “treating” the symptoms or suppressing them. So often, the body is sending a message through a symptom to try and tell us that there is something not happy or imbalanced. Kinesiology takes the whole person into account to find out what the underlying root cause of the symptom is.

Kinesiology in Children and Babies


Children find it difficult to express themselves. Perhaps they are not yet talking, or don’t yet have the vocabulary to share with you how they’re feeling and what they need. Often children cry or complain of “sore tummies” when they are overwhelmed and unable to communicate what they need or their feelings.

Babies may be experiencing colic, silent reflux, not sleeping well, constantly crying or not latching or feeding correctly.

This can create major stress for both baby and moms. So often women are expecting to have natural deliveries and it ends up being caesarean sections, leaving the moms feeling overwhelmed, traumatised and a feeling of failure. Often these emotions are transferred onto the baby, hence baby not settling, or experiencing the above-mentioned issues.


Can Kinesiology cure me?

Kinesiology is not a diagnostic tool or miracle cure. It simply detects where the stressors are in the body and then we correct the stressors accordingly and allow the body into a stronger and better position to heal itself. We do not diagnose or “treat”. Any diagnosis will need to be done by your local General Practitioner or Specialist.

Will it go against my faith?

Absolutely not. We are simply monitoring the body’s response to certain stressors to see where the body is imbalanced, and then correct accordingly.

Does kinesiology hurt?

Not at all. It is a gentle soft touch procedure of putting slight pressure on a muscle to see how it responds to certain stimuli.

How do you muscle test a small baby?

Sometimes if the baby is newly born, we may use the mom as a surrogate to check what is stressing the baby.

Kinesiology changed my life at 5 years old when my mom took me for my first ever session and my severe egg allergy was cured in that session.

I found Sonia Moore again at 17 years old and have now been seeing her for kinesiology sessions regularly for over 14 years. She has a God-given talent and my life has changed for the better because of her. She has helped me with so much with absolute kindness and grace.

You always leave Sonia’s kinesiology session feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Caeleigh Webb

There really aren’t enough words to describe Sonia as a Specialised Kinesiologist. I could honestly write an essay on why you should come and see her. A true gentle, soul with the most experience in this field, she has helped not only me – but my entire family. The changes after her balances are instant and never revert back to the patterns we find ourselves holding on to.

Having studied this incredible facet of alternative therapy – Sonia is always my first choice for referrals and for my family; not only for health purposes but for anything that has thrown us off our paths. Her knowledge and experience is forever cherished and we are so incredibly lucky to have her.

Alex Webster

I was introduced to kinesiology 26 years ago. I felt very sceptical but had the most amazing results and needless to say it is my first ‘go to’ before seeking medical advice. It was once explained to me that a disease is a dis-ease and so often a disease has emotional roots. For the past 17 years my family and I have been seeing Sonia Moore/Riekert for kinesiology and each time we have had ‘mind blowing’ results.

I am a private nurse practitioner and have recommended Sonia to numerous of my patients and each one has not been disappointed.  Sonia is very experienced, knowledgeable and professional and I find her easy to talk to.

I can honestly say that I recommend Sonia to someone almost every week. She is the best!!

Sister Lyn Wade

Private Nurse Practitioner

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